Ind Coope & Co. Ltd Rectangular Black Backed Steel

Ind Coope & Co. Ltd black backed steel tray dating from the 1890s. The Company owned two breweries, the Station Street brewery in Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire, which is still operating under the ownership of Molson-Coors Brewing (UK) Ltd, and the Star Brewery based in Romford, Essex, which was closed in 1992. The tray featured, is associated with the Burton-on-Trent brewery.
Ind Coope & Co. Ltd black backed steel tray dating from the 1890s. The foundation of Edward Ind's Romford Brewery is inconclusive. What is certain is that it did not originate from the Star Inn owned by George Cardon in 1709, as is consistently documented, due to the fact that the inn was not built until many years later. A more credible story is that Edward Ind Senior purchased a Romford brewery operated by Edward Thomas Carder and his family. There is no factual evidence for when or how Edward Ind Senior started his brewery but it is likely that it was in 1799 and Carder stayed on to assist the young Ind for a few years. Carder died in 1802 and Ind was certainly brewing by 1805. At that time Edward Ind Senior and John Grosvenor were joint owners. There was a change in ownership in 1816 when John Grosvenor sold his share to John Smith which began to trade as Ind & Smith. In 1845 Edward Ind Snr died and young Edward Ind joined Octavious and George Coope, after John Smith had sold his interest in the business. By the mid 1850s the Company was trading as Ind Coope & Company. In 1856 Ind Coope & Co. opened a brewery in Burton-on-Trent and the business was registered in 1886 as Ind Coope & Co. Ltd. The Burton-on-Trent brewery was based on the North side of the station on Station Street, adjoining Samuel Allsopp & Sons Ltd, whilst the stores and cooperage were based on the South side. Four malt houses were located on the West side of the station. During a period of rapid growth in the late 1800s the Company acquired the Brentwood Brewery of Jeremiah Hill & Co. and its public houses, expanded the Star Brewery in Romford, and also become the third largest brewer in Burton-on-Trent. In the early part of the 1900s the Company experienced extremely difficult trading conditions and was forced into receivership in 1909. The business was restructured and the name changed to Ind Coope & Co. (1912) Ltd. The name reverted back to Ind Coope & Co. Ltd in 1923 and its fortunes completely turned around. Bindley & Co. had been purchased in 1915, followed by further acquisitions including Robinson's Brewery Ltd in 1920, Woolf's Ltd in 1923, the Colchester Brewing Co. Ltd in 1925, the Burton Brewery Co. Ltd in 1927, the All Saint's Brewery Co. (Leicester) Ltd in 1929, Budden & Biggs Brewery Ltd and Leeds City Brewery Ltd in 1931. Through these acquisitions Ind Coope & Co. Ltd had also built up a considerable pub estate. The expansion did not stop there and, in 1934, Ind Coope merged, or in reality took over, Samuel Allsopp & Sons Ltd, to form Ind Coope & Allsopp Ltd. Allsopps owned three breweries, one on Station Street adjacent to the Ind Coope brewery, a lager brewery on Burton High Street, and a brewery in Alloa. The High Street lager brewery had been damaged by fire in 1916 and was not repaired. It only occasionally brewed until 1934 when production ceased altogether and the buildings were leased partly to a shoe manufacturer and partly to Bass, Ratcliff & Gretton Ltd for storage of hogsheads. The Alloa Brewery continued to operate until 1998. Allsopps also owned small bottling stores on Station Street, as did Ind Coope, whose bottling stores were located next to their four malt houses west of Station Street. The Company now owned 1,800 public houses throughout the Midlands, the South of England and Scotland. After WWII the expansion strategy continued with the acquisition of Parker's Burslem Brewery Co. Ltd in 1948, the Wrexham Lager Beer Co. Ltd in 1949, Lonsdale & Adshead Ltd in 1950, and Trouncer & Co. Ltd in 1956. By 1948, with buoyant sales of its flagship 'Double Diamond' bottled beer, a state-of-the-art bottling plant and stores were added on Curzon Street and three of the malt houses were consolidated into one. It was, however, the purchase of Benskin's Watford Brewery Ltd with over 600 public houses in 1957 that was the most significant acquisition. The final takeover was that of Taylor, Walker & Co. Ltd in 1959 and, in the same year, the name was simplified to Ind Coope Ltd. In 1961 Ind Coope Ltd merged with Ansells Brewery Ltd and Tetley Walker Ltd and the amalgamated Company was named Allied Breweries Ltd in 1963. Allied Breweries Ltd closed Samuel Allsopp's Station Street brewery in the 1970s and part of the offices were used as the headquarters of Punch Taverns Ltd. Allied Breweries Ltd merged with the food and catering company J.Lyons & Co. to form Allied-Lyons plc in 1978. Allied-Lyons plc closed Allsopp's Shobnall maltings in 1982. A modernisation project, which began in 1983, led to the bottling and canning facilities on Curzon Street being moved to the main site. The last tanker delivery of beer from the brewery to Curzon Street was in 1987, and the buildings are now part of the Imex Business Centre which was created in 1991. The Allied-Lyons brewing business merged with Carlsberg and became Carlsberg-Tetley Brewing Ltd in 1992. Also in 1992, the Star Brewery in Romford was closed and brewing of Ind Coope Best Bitter was transferred to Burton-on-Trent. The Star Brewery buildings were redeveloped into a shopping centre. Carlsberg-Tetley sold the Burton brewery to Bass Charrington Ltd in 1997 and, after a futher series of takeovers and name changes, it is now owned by Molson-Coors Brewing (UK) Ltd. It still operates as the Burton North Brewery.
More Information
Brewery Origin England
County Staffordshire
Reverse Finish Black Backed
Tray Manufacturer Unknown
Tray Material Steel
Year Of Manufacture 1899
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