Hello, welcome to my "Brewery Tray" website. Firstly, let me introduce myself. My name is Richard Percival I am 50+ years old, married with one son.

This website is "the encyclopedia of British brewery & cider trays" or "waiter trays" to use their proper title. It has taken me over one & a half years to create this site which is the result of over 30 years collecting. What you will experience is a century, 1870's-1960's, of over 1000 trays.

The site is an attempt to create a base line on which more knowledge of the subject can be built and also one which may uncover more hidden gems!

Please enjoy.

The Aims Of The Website

So why has this website been created?

Originally my thoughts were to write a book but it I believe that this site is a much better way of capturing the Collection.

The aims of the site in order are:

1. To create a visual reference for all British brewery and cider trays produced between 1870 - 1969, "a century of trays".

2. To become a knowledge base for the subject of British brewery and cider trays.

3. To encourage individuals to help identify other pre 1970 brewery and cider trays not in my collection.

Personal aims include:

4. Assisting the sale of a few brewery and cider trays produced after 1970.

5. Creating a single area which captures my life and knowledge of brewery tray collecting.

Of course the greatest bonus for me would be to uncover some unrecorded trays, particularly good condition pre-WW2 items.

What Is Included And What Is Not Included

The collection comprises of any British Brewery or Cider trays which pre-date 1970. The collection does not include Whisky or Foreign trays, although there are one or two trays produced for British breweries for the export market.

Where I do not have a pre 1970 from a specific brewery I have pictured a more modern tray for instance Theakstons of Masham (1970's), Adnams of Southwold (1980's) and Smiles of Bristol (1990's).

I have also included a few post 1970 trays simply because I like the design.

How To Use The Site Most Effectively

The advantage of the website is that you can sort by any word just like using Google. If you do try and search using the website then it's best to think of a unique word belonging to that Brewery or Cider Manufacturer.

Apologies In Advance

The history of each brewery has been researched to the best of my ability using a few books such as Norman Barber's "A Century of British Brewers", a few articles, googling on the internet but most of all my own personal knowledge.

I realise that there may be some inaccuracies, spelling errors etc and that the world moves on very quickly. With this in mind I apologise and ask for help.

If you have spotted an error please feel free to contact Richard's mobile 07715 369540 or use the contact form.

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