John Aitchison & Co. Ltd Small Rectangular Chrome


John Aitchison & Co. Ltd chrome tray dating from the 1910s. The Canongate Brewery was based in Edinburgh, Lothian.

John Aitchison & Co. Ltd chrome tray dating from the 1910s. John Aitchison had been involved in his father William's business, Aitchison & Co, from the 1820s. When the company's brewing operations were moved from the Kirkfield Brewery in Peebles, to the Canongate Brewery in Edinburgh in 1828, he became a partner in John Aitchison & Co. After William died in 1835 control of the business passed to John who was joined in partnership with John's second son, William Ker Aitchison. Under John's direction, the company expanded into markets outside Scotland including Newcastle, Sunderland, Liverpool, London and Southampton. When John died in 1857 his sons William Ker Aitchison and Thomas Stodart Aitchison, ran the business. The company gained a reputation for high quality ales and was rewarded with numerous brewing medals during the 1860s and 1870s. The company was registered as John Aitchison & Co. Ltd in 1895. The Victoria Bottling Co. Ltd of South Shields and a number of public houses in Tyneside were acquired in 1900. Other purchases included a large part of the Edinburgh & Leith Brewing Co., owned by Edinburgh United Breweries Ltd, in 1925, and McLennon & Urquhart Ltd's Dalkeith Brewery and 6 tied houses, in 1955. Brewing ceased but bottling continued in Dalkeith until 1961. The Canongate Brewery and 68 public houses were acquired by Hammond's United Breweries in 1959. Hammond's United Breweries Ltd merged with Hope & Anchor Breweries Ltd and John Jeffrey & Co. Ltd in 1960 to form Northern Breweries Ltd, later named Northern Breweries of Great Britain Ltd. When the company changed its name again to United Breweries Ltd in October 1960 the businesses of John Aitchison & Co. Ltd and John Jeffrey & Co. Ltd were merged as a subsidiary named Aitchison Jeffrey Ltd. Production was concentrated at Jeffrey's Heriot Brewery and brewing ceased at the Canongate Brewery in 1961.

More Information
Brewery Origin Scotland
County Lothian
Reverse Finish Standard
Tray Manufacturer Unknown
Tray Material Other
Year Of Manufacture 1911
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